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Our Women



Survival.....that's all our clients know. Generation after generation of women, the product of teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and addiction....not knowing what it is to have someone reach out to them with a loving heart. Their harsh reality is "how will I exist today?" Unless someone steps up and reaches out to these women, another generation will continue this harsh reality and be lost. 


An empty tool box is useless. These women need the tools that will help them build a productive life. They need positive role models who will encourage them along their journey. They need to know they are indeed worthy of a life of love, respect, productivity and teach their children the same values. We want to provide them with a firm foundation upon which they can build such a future. 


We are on a mission to change their plight. We can help these women drastically change their lives and thus break the pattern that their children will identify with unless someine steps up and helps. We can make a difference to these WOMEN IN NEED. We are stepping up to the plate. We can do something; we can be their HAVEN OF HOPE. But we need your help.


WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are reaching out to you because we believe you will understand how important these women are. With your support and others like you, we can get these women out of survival mode and into a life of productive living. WE CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of these women....children of God....worthy of what we take for granted. Please join our team and make our dream a reality. Become a sponsor, volunteer, there are many ways to help. THANK YOU.




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