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Above: Our Market and Bakery Stand, built in 2014



All income derived from these activities will be used to support program expenses. Our clients start as volunteers and have the opportunity to work toward actual employment by leading and training others.  Our job training programs are within all of our clients reach:


~ The market gardens are a perfect fit for individuals that need a stress-free

      environment or lack self-confidence.


~ Confidence can be gained quickly for the impatient student and the fruits of one’s labor are

      quickly evident, which results in immediate and ongoing satisfaction and sense of



~ Scratch baking is almost a lost art with young women today.   Some women are excited to learn

       these skills and it is a labor of love that they can bring home to their families while actually

       making a living.


~ The market stand appeals to those that are comfortable with other people, have outgoing

      personalities, and like to talk.  Social skills and creative marketing displays are skills that

      transition well into employment opportunities in the sales field. For more about the new market         stand, click here for the Gratitude page. 

Our Farm Stand

Hours for Farm Stand and Bakery Store


Haven of Hope Farmstand & Bakeshop

Renovations are completed!

·     Bakery on Premises

·     Vegetables year around

·     Soups and Salads

·     Jams & Jellies

·     Granola Products

Open year round, Thursday through Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Now closed on Sundays

When the store is closed, the kitchen is still accepting orders!

Book Haven of Hope for a bake sale at your church, organization or business. Schedule pre-order sales for delivery to your business or event. Our women will deliver the goods, set up and make the sales!

Please see "Contact" page to make an inquiry.

19 Cemetery Street

Fonda, NY, 12068

Haven of Hope now accepts debit and credit cards!

WIC and Farmers Nutrition Checks are also accepted.



Thank you for your Patronage


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