Annual Report of Activities 2020


Haven of Hope Farm & Residence, Inc.















Programming and Services

2020 was Haven of Hope’s eighth year of providing services.  Ten women and three children were assisted as residents and eight transitioned women with a total of eighteen children were provided ongoing support and services. In 2020, the farm residence was under construction for two months during which it was vacant. 


Despite a myriad of challenges, HOH assisted a total of 18 women and 21 children.  Services provided were childcare, parenting classes, time and money management classes, referrals and transportation to mental health and wellness programs, employment in our work experience program (bakery), housing, moving assistance, furniture, household supplies, food, personal hygiene items, college scholarships, school supplies and college textbooks, children’s clothing, coats, shoes, boots, books and toys. We assisted with three family unifications and one resident obtained social security disability.


Our Plans for a Day Care Center Have Changed

COVID has affected every family in our community, every church, business, and organization.  We have all had to pull back a bit.  If you look for the positive though, I’m certain you’ll find it.  For our organization it meant taking stock of what we had in hand and what was really needed to fulfill our mission. 


The plans for a stand-alone day-care center have been redirected to a complete renovation of the ground level of our farmhouse.  We are dedicating the entire floor to safe, child friendly learning and play.  In essence it will be a daycare within our farm residence.  We have always prioritized family unification goals, which often include supervised visits at the farm.  This redesigned space will accommodate and enhance the quality of those visits.  This space will also be used to provide childcare for our women’s children while they work on goals and as they participate in our work experience programs. 


Construction is nearly completed using the funds already raised for our center!  Work will move to the outside of the building to create a safe play area this spring. Playground equipment has been funded by the Children’s Aid Association.


Farm House Interior Renovations

The Jaffe family, longtime supporters, made a generous donation towards much needed renovations.  Two of our four bathrooms were completely remodeled, floors and walls are ceramic tiled, and have all new fixtures, lighting, GFI electric, plumbing and ventilation.  They are beautiful and made to last!


A community grant from St. Mary’s Ascension group enabled us to purchase carpet for both staircases and area rugs for four bedrooms.  Rev. Ginny devoted hours on this project, removing old carpeting and refreshing wood floor finishes, God bless her, she completed most of this project single handedly! 


What a difference these improvements have made, creating a much cleaner, functional, and healthier environment for our residents.


Staffing Changes at Haven of Hope


In August we had to make some tough decisions regarding our daytime staff consisting of a full time program director and part time home manager.  With the pandemic causing dropping donations and the inability to hold fundraising events, the two salaries were no longer sustainable.  In September we made a commitment to hire a live in home manager in lieu of the two daytime positions.  It has long been a desire to have night supervision at the farm and we are happy to say that Chris and Pam have remained active with our organization as volunteers.



















Our Work Experience Programs

The income and employment opportunities generated from our bakery and market stand have become increasingly important to our organization and employees so the market stand is no longer a seasonal operation, it is open year around Friday and Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sundays 12 to 2pm.  Only transitioned clients are eligible for employment in our bakery.


Where do We Grow From Here?


The farm house needs more living space, and the market stand needs to be expanded to include the bakery operations.  Haven of Hope is selling a seven acre parcel of land which will reduce our mortgage and give us a little extra to start this next phase of growth.  The existing bakery will be converted to bedrooms and the commercial kitchen will be moved to a new addition built onto the market stand.  We are selling the land adjacent to our market stand to a builder with the hope it would make utilities such as natural gas, electric and sewer more affordable to access to accommodate the expanded operations of our store. Another side benefit of this plan, we recognize the need for more housing in our community.


We hope you are as excited about these plans as we are!


Warm Regards,

Pat Brooking, Executive Director

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