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Haven of Hope Farm & Residence

Annual Report of Activities 2023



In the past eleven years, Haven of Hope has now served over 200 women and children.  As we look back at each name, there is a face and a story that comes to mind.  We are amazed at how many there have been and how quickly the time has gone.  It is good to remember and reflect on all the changes these women have made and how we have undergone change as an organization because of the impact these women have also made on us. 

Our major infrastructure goals were completed in 2023. The store addition was completed for the commercial kitchen and bakery.  The family suite consisting of two bedrooms, a living room and kitchenette has been completed and was immediately occupied.  This additional living space has been a huge improvement to the farmhouse and quality of living, providing separation between a young boisterous family and those individuals that may be older and less boisterous!

Our farmstand and bakery has become a destination!  Customers love our products, mission, and prices!


Question Often Asked…

Why are your prices so low?


We are not a profit driven business; we are a nonprofit work experience program.

Our women work and earn a competitive wage, which empowers them to move toward goals or to maintain self-support.  Program Director and full-time volunteer, Pat Brooking, is training continuously as women move out or leverage their work experience at Haven of Hope to gain employment elsewhere, and then of course, we always have new women moving in.

Your cash donations at the store are welcomed.  These funds are used for the personal benefit of our women in the program for things like childcare, gas to come to work, etc.



Work Experience Program (WEP) Sales   91,808                    205,265                   224%

WEP Materials & Supplies                        (41,392)                    (91,947)                  222%

WEP Payroll Exps                                       (29,594)                  (107,145)                  362%

License Fee & Market Stand Expense         (402)                       (3,302)

WEP  - Workers Comp & DBL Ins              (1,003)    19,418       (3,402)      (531)


Total Revenue                                                              19,418                         (531)



Work Experience program has increased sales by 224% and payroll by 362%.

Prices had to be adjusted a few times this year until we were able to find a break-even point. We have never employed so many women or carried so much payroll.  Pat is still a full-time volunteer and that helps to cover slower production due to constant employee turnaround and training.  We ended the year with only a $531 net loss in the work program.

Another Question Often Asked… Why aren’t you open more than Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

~ Sundays we rest, worship, spend time with family.

~ Monday mornings are set aside for group devotions and Bible study for those that are interested. Monday is also our shopping day.  To keep material costs low, Pat shops at six different stores located in Albany, Schenectady, Johnstown, and Gloversville. 


~ Tuesday, we make all our cookie and pastry doughs for the week, and prepare our ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, toppings, and seasonings.


~ Wednesday, we bake everything off for opening on Thursday and we keep baking through Saturday!

Primary Goals for 2024 are to make needed improvements to the farmhouse exterior.  The funds have already been raised to rebuild the sunroom attached to the kitchen which is badly rotted.  That work will be completed this spring.  We will be a partial beneficiary of the Amsterdam Rotary Club’s annual Variety Show in June, which should get us started with the replacement of all the storm windows, some of the original windows and a lot of exterior trim work needs paint and repair.

The dates for our Annual Farm Festival and Fall Banquet will be announced soon on the Event page and social media.  These are important fundraisers and social events that we look forward to every year. 

We hope you will join us!

With Gratitude,

Haven of Hope Board of Directors

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