Annual Report of Activities 2018


2018 was Haven of Hope’s sixth year of operation as a registered non-profit. The following is a summary of what was accomplished.

In response to the growing need of our clients and community for safe reliable childcare especially during evening hours and weekends, our major goal for 2018 was to break ground on a much-needed childcare facility.   We had hoped to break ground before winter, but hopes are not always realistic! Building a 4200 square foot childcare center is no small undertaking.  Our civil engineer and architect finally finished the site survey and construction drawings in January 2019.  A set of permit drawings has been sent to the state OFCD for preview and the state has already sent back comments for our building team to review.  We are hoping to make a major announcement on these developments on March 22nd at this year’s spring banquet.






Planned “Little Haven Child Care Center” to be located at the end of Barber St. on HOH property in the village of Fonda.  Center will be open to the public, offering 24 -7 care with an onsite infirmary.


Leadership & Volunteer Development
In 2018 we lost a dear friend and board member, MaryJo Rave to cancer.  As of this writing, we are looking to fill two board seats.  Our support board of volunteers continue to meet regularly once a month.  Our volunteer pool is constantly changing as are the needs of Haven of Hope.  In January 2018 we hired a part time assistant director for 15 hours a week.  We ran out of funding for her position after six months but the holiday giving made it possible to bring her back on in December.  Projected income from the child care center will be used to ensure the continuity of funding for her position and other unfunded expenses necessary to support the women is residence as they work toward their goal of self-support and independent living.

Work Experience Programs

Our new commercial kitchen that was completed in December of 2017 has been life changing for our work programs.  We obtained our food processing license in March of 2018.   Immediately, we hired Judy Adamchik as our baker- trainer.  During the year we also hired three residents on a part time basis to assist in their transitioning goals.  We have a lot of potential for growth, only operating at 20% of our kitchen’s capacity.  In 2019 we need to increase our market and demand for goods with an eye toward maximizing our productivity and creating more training and employment opportunities for our clients.  Our market stand sales in 2017 were $13,497 and almost doubled in 2018 to $24,414. 

Collaborative Community Partnerships

Beech-Nut Nutrition Company continues to be a valued community supporter, hosting eight bakes sales at their plant in 2018. They also provided volunteers for planting and harvesting in our market gardens.

Haven of Hope was the beneficiary of another Eagle Scout project.  Riley Sebast led his troop, family and friends in engineering a 500 ft. natural trail through HOH property consisting of 67 steps, three bridges, rope rail and solar lights.  The beautiful trail cuts through the farm property to lower Prospect St. permitting safe passage for residents walking to the village.

Keymark / Kasson & Keller has offered employment opportunities with door to door shuttle services for qualified candidates!  Several residents will be submitting applications this spring.

We have a new collaboration with COTI Project, which provides services to our residents who have struggled with Opioid addiction.  Services are provided to residents in recovery who are having difficulty accessing treatment and may be uninsured or underinsured.  A mobile treatment team meets with our clients at the farm.  They also connect our residents to recovery peer advocate support services.

Our organization has been newly adopted as a mission by several area churches, their financial support adds up.  Without the support of our community and churches we would not exist!

Programming and Services

In 2018 we served 21 women and 27 children.

  • 10 are actively being served

  • 6 Transitioned to housing

  • 1 Family unification

  • 1 Transitioned to housing and employment

  • 3 Referred to treatment facilities

  • 1 Obtained Disability Benefits

  • 9 Participated in Work Experience Programs

  • 2 Returned to college

  • 1 Completed outpatient addiction programs

  • 1 Obtained driver’s license


Major Goal for 2019

I expect 2019 to be another jaw dropping year!  Since day one we have talked about the desire to become self-sufficient as an organization.  The building and establishment of Little Haven Child Care Center and the expansion of our work experience programs are the key elements to making that goal a reality!  We need a night monitor and full time executive assistant, we need a grounds keeper/ maintenance person, we need accessible childcare, and we need more employment opportunities for our women to enter the work force.  The groundwork has been laid to having those needs met in the coming year, but we have a lot of work to do.  We have never shied away from work, it builds character! However, we realize that we can’t accomplish any of this on our own strength or resources, we will need the continued help of our community, and churches to get there.

We have a lot to be grateful for and we are looking forward to another great year!

Peace be with you,
Pat Brooking, Executive Director