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Haven of Hope Farm & Residence

Annual Report of Activities 2021



We just said goodbye to another of our families as they were heading to South Carolina to start a new life.  It was a tearful goodbye as we have supported her family in many major and minor ways over the last nine years.  Taylor, a young mother of five, can be seen in our website video (on the Home page), and her and her children’s pictures can be found everywhere at the farm.  To us, she is a legend and is about to become legendary!  She has overcome countless obstacles and we are so proud of her! 


Haven of Hope has impacted many lives in many ways, but we have not done it alone.  Each year our support base of churches, corporations, organizations and individuals in and outside of our community has grown and together we are making a difference, for that we are beyond grateful!


In 2021 we served 19 women and 12 children. 

To date we have served a total of 152 women and children.














These young residents have all moved on to brighter futures

We hope that one day they will come back to visit the farm as adults,

perhaps with their own children, to remember this pivotal time in their lives at Haven of Hope



In 2021 crucial updates were completed in the farmhouse.  The furnace was replaced with a new and 100% more efficient model, and our new electric panel and hot water tank have finally been installed.  The basement has been completely renovated and a new walk out exit was added. Some of the rotted exterior trim and all the window shutters have been replaced.  We hope to finish the exterior maintenance and to replace some needed windows in the coming year.

With the generous assistance of Brown’s Ford and our board members, Haven of Hope was able to purchase a much-needed vehicle to support the needs of our women and our work experience programs.  We have been without a vehicle for almost two years.  This is a huge blessing!

Haven of Hope had no paid staff in 2021.  Since my retirement, the only employees are our transitioned women who have returned to work in our work experience programs.  All our resources are being poured back into programming, services and facilities, which directly impact our women.

Market Stand Expansion plans to accommodate our commercial kitchen are a priority for this spring.  It is imperative that we free up the space at the farmhouse for additional living space for our residents.  The vacated kitchen will become our new family center to accommodate women with children apart from the main house in their own space, relieving much of the stress for all residents concerned.  We will break ground as soon as weather permits!

Our organization will be celebrating its 10th anniversary! Join us at these events:

~ Farm Festival Saturday, July 30th – Save the date!

~ Anniversary Banquet, date and venue to be determined for fall of 2022

(More information regarding these events will follow, please put the festival on your calendar now)


With the rising costs of construction materials as well as everything else,

we anticipate that we will need your help with replenishing our finances for next winter 

Thank you very much, and may His peace be with you!

Pat Brooking

Executive Director

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