Annual Report of Activities 2019


2019 was Haven of Hope’s seventh year of operation as a registered non-profit. The following is a summary of what was accomplished.

In the summer of 2019, HOH set a record of 13 resident children at one time. For the first time, every woman at HOH had at least one child in the residence.  I’ve heard the expression that it takes a community to raise a child, with so many children under one roof and each mother having a vested interest in the children, HOH was truly working together as a community.  Workers in the bakery could hear a joyful noise of squeals and laughter from the children playing outside.  It was delightful, the children were having fun and there were little spats, just like home. Yes, mealtimes were chaotic, the wall paper got pulled and small toys clogged drains, sticky finger prints on every surface it seemed, but the knowledge that these children were safe and happy while mom worked to get her feet back under her, well that’s what Haven of Hope is all about.  We are happy to report that most of these families have moved on to their new homes, many, just in time for the holidays.

Facilities Development

The farmhouse - Thanks to a memorial gift from the Jaffe family, the farmhouse is undergoing major renovations in the month of January.  Before we allow the house to fill back up two bathrooms are receiving much need renovations, our furnace, hot water tank and electric panel are all being replaced and in the nick of time.  Our contractor, Pete Perez, found some real areas of concern.  We feel blessed to have the finances to address these issues.  After the major work is done we will plan a few work days to freshen the walls and remove old carpeting, replacing them with area rugs and refinishing floors.  Our goal is to be ready for new residents by February 1st.   It is winter and there is a lot of need for beds, so time is of the essence.

The child care center- Our major goal for 2019 was to build the planned “Little Haven Child Care Center” to be located at the end of Barber St. on HOH property in the village of Fonda.  This center is to be open to the public, offering 24 -7 child care including care for mildly sick children.  This goal has been extended into 2021 due to the need for additional funding.   Recently, we received a generous gift to retain the services of Beth Hershenhart, CEO and founder of Innovative Resources, and we are excited to hear her ideas for increasing our fundraising capacity.

Leadership, Volunteer & Staff Development

Staff - Pam Santos, part time assistant on weekdays, continues to assist residents with their goals, transitions to housing and the farm’s household needs.  In September we hired Chris Carey full time to assist with our organizations many activities and projects.  In the near future, Chris will be working on our license application for the child care center and is on track to be the Director of the facility. 

Volunteers – One of the projects Chris has taken over is the administration of our Face Book page.  Face Book has been a great way to recruit volunteers for specific projects.  There are so many facets to Haven of Hopes operation it is easy for volunteers to find an area of interest to plug into.

Work Experience Programs

In August we hired a new baker in training.  Juliette is a wonderful example of what our work experience program is about.  She is a transitioned client who was registered in our work experience program with Montgomery County DSS.  She exceled as a volunteer and was a perfect candidate to fill this lead position in our kitchen.  We are very proud of her growing accomplishments and the way she conducts herself within our organization!

Collaborative Community Partnerships

We are grateful for our sponsors, Beech-Nut Nutrition Company, Homestead Funding Corp. and Nathan Littauer Hospital who made our Support Hope Concert possible.   Beech-Nut and Homestead Funding have both continued to support HOH work experience programs by hosting bakes sales in their work places.  These companies also provide volunteers, collect furniture, household items and adopt our children for Christmas.  The Nathan Littauer clinic in Fonda is always ready to help with our resident’s medical concerns with minimal wait time, most new residents do not have a primary care doctor.  We are so grateful to have this resource right down the street!

Haven of Hope was the beneficiary of another Eagle Scout project.  Andrew Ferguson led his troop, family and friends in the repainting of our henhouse and installation of a new exercise yard complete with netting to protect hens from overhead predators.  They did a beautiful job, and our happy hens are providing the house with lots of nutritious eggs.  Andrew also collected a three months’ supply of our everyday household needs, such as laundry soap, toilet paper, trash bags etc.


The Fonda Fultonville School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) programs have begun using the farm and commercial kitchen as classrooms for its educational programs, in turn, HOH benefits from the student’s volunteer services.  We look forward to the continued development of these relationships.


Over the years our organization has been adopted as a mission by at least 20 area churches, large and small, these churches have been consistently providing support in a variety of ways and it all adds up.  Their support and prayers are essential to Haven of Hope’s success and continued growth.

Client Accomplishments to Date

  • 72 women have actively participated in our work experience programs, of which 8 were hired as part of their transition to outside employment

  • 7 women obtained drivers licenses

  • 4 obtained High School Equivalencies

  • 21 completed Mental Health & Addiction Programs

  • 8 women started or returned to college

  • 27 women transitioned to both housing and employment

  • 31 women transitioned to housing

  • 9 women achieved family unifications

  • 1 woman earned her CNA license

  • 9 women completed parenting classes

  • 2 women obtained disability benefits

  • 12 women were referred to treatment facilities

  • 1 woman achieved citizenship status


In December, MVP awarded Haven of Hope a grant to fund transportation costs.  Our clients now have the opportunity to attend wellness and recovery centered meetings whenever it fits their schedules, HOH has the means to get them there.

Major Goals for 2020 into 2021

Our major goal for 2020 is to continue the renovations to the farmhouse that started this winter. 

Building our child care center continues to be a major goal.  The center will be serving the entire community, not just Haven of Hope residents.  We envision our 24/7 facility with sick care will make employment possible for many single parents otherwise shut out of the workforce.  We endeavor to make this important resource to our community a reality in 2021.


We appreciate and want to thank all who have provided support and prayers in the past year, together we are making a difference in the lives of many!

Peace be with you,
Pat Brooking, Executive Director