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Little Haven Child Care Center

Where are we in the process?

The land survey, architectural and site plans are finished and paid for. Funding the building and startup:

Banks and foundations are impressed with how much Haven of Hope has developed as an organization in such a short time and they express appreciation for our mission and work in the community, but none of these sentiments give them the assurance that Haven of Hope has the capacity to successfully operate the envisioned child care center.  This is a fact that our board has had to come to terms with and we are moving forward with plans to strengthen our organization and its development capacity by forming three advisory teams:


Leadership Team – for the purpose of engagement with the community at large, articulating the vision of Haven of Hope and asking for financial investment into the vision.

Business Plan Team – consisting of persons who have the expertise to produce a business plan and funding scenario, they would help with fiscal forecasting and viability, this includes operations, capital and sustainability.

Advisory Council – made up of finance experts, bankers, business owners, etc. to endorse and help with the business plan and fiscal forecast, they would maintain the credibility of the organization, help with improving the vision/goals, network with economic development people and validate our quality of services.


While all of this is going on in the background, the day to day work at Haven of Hope Farm continues.  HOH is determined to equip the women that come to us with the hope and change they crave before transitioning back to the mainstream of life.  We endeavor to help them develop a foundation of faith and community, so that when they leave the farm they are no longer operating on just their own strength, they are building their new life on solid ground, not shifting sand.





Thank you to our local chapter of the 100 Women Who Care for their generous donation of $13,000 towards our new child care facility!  



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